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Nicola Greenwood, MBACP

DipHE Counselling Children and Young People

Hi, I'm Nicola the founder of The Empowered Mind and a registered BACP Creative Arts Counsellor.

Life as a young person is hard and, at times confusing with so many expectations and responsibilities being thrown at you from all different directions.


As a young person there were times when I found life hard and I often struggled with confusing feelings and emotions. At school I never felt as if I fitted in anywhere and often felt misunderstood. Being an introvert, I have always been quiet and more comfortable in smaller groups of people but I always judged this part of me as unlikeable. Often teased for being 'the geeky one' or 'the goody two shoes' , school was a hard place for me to be a lot of the time.

My family were important to me, but I wasn't always able to speak with them openly about how I was feeling. I didn't always understand myself and it was difficult to know where to start or how to put it all in to words. When I was faced with difficult life experiences, I kept all my feelings and emotions inside and put on my 'strong, hardworking, happy' face on. I acted as if everything was fine and didn't want those important to me to worry.


Looking back now, I can see how some of the ways I behaved was my way of saying, "I'm hurting", "I'm feeling overwhelmed right now", "I need help" or "I'm scared".


Counselling has been a space for me where I have been able to tell my story with it being heard with understanding and acceptance. Working creatively with image and art has also given me a different way of looking at things and a way of expressing myself without the need for words.